Our dearest 'Jolly' Ollie,
We had to say goodbye to you after 12 years of joy.
You were the biggest puppy in the litter and from day one you had a BIG personality.
You loved your walks and would cry every time you saw anyone approaching because you wanted to say hello to everyone, your tail would
wag like crazy.
You were a lovely boy and everybody who knew you knew you were a complete softy.
You loved your food and you loved your treats.  We know Daddy gave you a few too many of the treats sometimes but he just couldn’t help himself!
You were Daddy’s boy.
You went very peacefully Ollie, we were there with you talking to you and stroking you and telling you you were a good boy, whilst the vet was giving you treats, you went to sleep doing what you loved most.........eating!
You have a left big hole in hearts and we miss you so much, we still think we can hear you sometimes.  Your brothers and sisters miss you also, our family will never be the same without you but we have 12 happy years of memories.
We hope you will soon meet up with Queenie, Honey, Lucy, Zuki and Appollo, all the other goldies that we were blessed with over the years and of course the Cavaliers that have also gone to Rainbow Bridge... Bonnie, Duke and Tia,
Sleep well 'Jolly'
All our love and cuddles
Mummy, Daddy,
Auntie Caron,
Charlie, Rupert, Indie, Lady, Molly, Harvey, Dukie,
x               x        x          x        x          x           x

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2009 Irish Retriever Rescue UK