2004 to 31 July 2014


Paddy (formerly Ronan) was a one-off. He had such an incredibly unique and special 
personality. He was cheeky at times but was always very loyal and very well behaved.
We could take him anywhere and often did. He came with us on trips all over the
country staying in hotels, going on boats and people would always stop us in the street
to tell us how handsome our dog was. He loved the attention. He loved nothing more
than being fussed and cuddled and would often look up at you if you stopped fussing him
with a look of "why have you stopped?". 

He loved his food, like most retrievers do, and will be greatly missed by our entire family.
Paddy was diagnosed with a Melanoma Tumour in March 2014 and passed away at
his home, surrounded by all who loved him, on Thursday 31st July 2014. After fighting
for a couple of weeks longer than the vets said he would, it was time to let him to
go to sleep and be at rest."

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