REUBEN (was Jake)

Went to Rainbow Bridge 19 JULY 2015

When Julie and Jenny saw poor Jake, as he was called then, he supposedly had issues and
had narrowly escaped death row. Despite spending time in a kennel, he was muddy, had
two infected eyes and a gut infection. His back foot was dragging and he could not lift
his tail. As soon as he saw them, he definitely chose them and went straight to Julie.
He would not leave her side so they made a decision there and then that he was going
back to the UK with them. 

With his nice new name, Reuben fitted in perfectly with their other dogs. They concentrated
on getting him well and he started to live again.

He had just over two happy years with them and is greatly missed. 

Julie tells us "Reuben fitted in well with our dogs, bonding specifically with Max as his
playmate and showing respect and consideration for the others. He was quietly
mischievous and full of surprises! He adored cuddles and loved his one to one only boy
time with us. We miss him dreadfully". 


Thankyou for loving me,
Thankyou for caring
For opening your heart
And happily sharing
Your life with a reject
Who no longer dared
To think someone could love him
When no-one else cared

Thankyou my saviours
You completed my life
By showing me love again
After misery and strife
I'm now in God's garden
And he loves me too
I am healthy and whole again
What you told me is true

You said God would love me
You said I'd be free
To prance like a puppy
To water each tree
To sing in the breeze
To grin in the rain
You set free my spirit
And ended my pain



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