2001? - 17.4.2015

It was a cold and snowy night when from the plane they did alight
The weather’d made the plane re-route, to Heathrow, off we had to shoot
Bristol the right destination. Favours called from kind relation
A panic dash to meet the plane. Who knew life would get so insane?
From Airport into London Town , the timid three soon settle down    
A hearty meal and comfy beds.  A welcome place to rest their heads
So quickly came the next new day. One would move on and two would stay
What adventures would befall? Who knew they’d be so off the wall?
The two who stayed one girl, one boy would learn the meaning of pure joy
The little girl whose name was Molly had a coat like bright red holly
She was a mum though still so young. A better life had now begun
To Devon went her best mate Lizzie. Who knew the boy would soon get busy?
Thanks to Sandra’s loving care, they soon became a happy pair
Sad Molly would rely on Ricky to be her rock if things got tricky
Although the two did not long meet, soon they would surely find their feet?
Our handsome Ricky had just three. Who knew he’d use them to run free?

A visitor had come to stay and soon would dawn that fateful day
He had to join the plane he flew, a member of the cabin crew.
At 5am he tried to sneek out through the door. What made him speak?
“Ta ta Ricky” were his words. Who knew he would fly like the birds?
The guy, in panic soon, took chase with knot in stomach, ashen face.
On the way to Common land, the man with mobile clutched in hand
Gave a blow by blow account of crossing roads and banks they’d mount
One gate not locked, one door ajar. Who knew this boy could run so far?
Sandra, still in gown and slippers, arrived in taxi, waving kippers
Although, herself, a veggie gal, she knew this treat would tempt her pal
He stopped and sniffed then crunch and crackle. She dived, a perfect rugby tackle
On lead, relief, hearts slowing down. Who knew him worth an athlete’s crown?
Back at home a cup of tea.  Four legs had finally beaten three.
Uncle Kevin still quite shaken was shocked by all the time they’d taken
Himself so fit (he hits the gym) beat by a dog with missing limb
And then who was it brought him down? Who knew – a lady in nightgown!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They still meet up and, to this day, the conversation will still stray
To the chase at break of dawn and the shame that Kev had borne
To be outrun by such a dog. It’s even written on his blog
He still dines out on this great story. “Who knew a lady’d snatch the glory?
We tried in vain to find a home for one with burning need to roam
We tried to rehome as a pair, their separation hard to bear.
Finally, two homes were found, with other dogs and really sound
A new adventure would begin. Who knew soon we would hit the gin? 

Molly’s home was really great. We knew it had been truelly fate  
But as for agile, streetwise Ricky, we’d had to be so very picky  
Megan (he would be her beau) nose in air, refused to know  
A lowlife crossbreed with three legs. Who knew, soon, he’d protect his Megs? 
All looking good, we go outside. Sandra scanning far and wide  
Ricky too was looking round then, bingo, a way out he’d found  
Up the steep and prickly bank.  Julie flying with the yank  
Thank God for harness and long line. Who knew he’d scale a sheer incline?  

A phonecall made, escape routes sorted, shiny disc, new collar sported  
Gin for Julie, good for fright. No way he’d ever leave her sight  
And sure enough, they stuck like glue. Our boy, his Mum and Megan too
Once the cause of bad surprises. Who knew he’d win so many prizes?
People always stopped and stared, so many times with Champs compared.  
For fun she put him in a show. He took his place within the row 
Of rescue dogs from near and far. His rosette blue, he was a star!!!!  
He clearly stood out from the rest. Who knew he would soon be the best?
The Grand Reunion came to pass.  In 009 he won his class 
With other winners he’d line up …. all ages, veteran to pup 
The judge inspecting head to toe awarded him the Best in Show  
This erstwhile stray, so sad and thin. Who knew rosettes he’d one day win?

Our boy would leg it just once more. Once snoring loudly on the floor
His favourite place in Julie's shop where pats and treats just never stop
He spied his chance, out in the rain, our 3 legged lad, our own Usain
His catcher Pete had just one arm!!!  Three legs one arm could do no harm.
Sadly, time will not stand still. Our lovely boy has been quite ill  
But, true to form, the storm he’ll ride.  He takes it bravely in his stride  
He loves his walks but, not the best, that day, for safety, given rest.  
To lounge in comfort, a great fan. Who knew he had another plan?
That night his mum was going out. He sussed it. Of that, there’s no doubt.  
Designer dress and killer heels, going out for fancy meals  
Not the norm for his dear Mum, the thought had left him feeling glum  
Especially deprived of walking. Who knew, of him, they’d soon be talking?
The first friends came and gave him fuss. The next arrivals start to cuss  
Ricky, once stretched on the floor, had smartly legged it out the door  
Out into the cold, dark night and not a coat or hat in sight  
He led them all a merry dance. Who knew he would still take his chance?
They begged & borrowed wellyboots from friends and neighbours passed en route  
At last they found him in the wood - wet and muddy, feeling good  
Everyone had played their part to catch the dog with dicky heart,
And missing limb, eyes growing dim. Who knew our lad still had it in him?
His last chase done, no will to run. This growing old is not much fun.  
Although he knew she would be sad, and she would miss the life they'd had  
He had to ask his Mum to be, the brave one who would set him free.
So one last kiss to say "goodbye" then off to run free in the sky.

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2015 Irish Retriever Rescue