21.8.07 - 25.08.07

Rose was one of Kayleigh's 8 surprise puppies. We were all terribly sad when our darling little Rose had to be put gently to sleep, at just 4 days old, to prevent her from suffering.

Although she seemed as happy and content as the others, she was unable to feed properly because of a very unusual, congenital defect. Joy had hand fed her night and day, as well as encouraging her to suckle, when first veterinary checks failed to find her problem but she still lost weight. A further veterinary examination led to the heartbreaking decision to put her to rest, to save her any suffering, as she would have literally starved to death. There was absolutely no way to save her so we had to let her go with the angels.

Rest your weary little head and drift off into dreams
Frolic in the sunshine and bathe in God's moonbeams
Use the stars as stepping stones to take you to your peace
The pain of life forgotten now you have found release.

Without rain a flower folds, the petals drop and die
There was no way to save you, you couldn't even cry
So we cry all the tears instead as we must let you go
To Heaven and God's garden to blossom and to grow.

The little seed is planted, you'll be watered every day
The angels will tend all your needs as in their arms you lay
Your life will be amazing now and full of wondrous things.
Rest in peace, our dear, sweet Rose, go fly on angels wings.

Joy said:

That is beautiful, just right for that little special flower who never had the chance to blossom and grow.
I'm in floods of tears again, but know there was no choice at all.
I keep telling myself that she would now be suffering if still in this life, and it's good to know she didn't get to that stage.
She was a special little flower which God and the angels wanted back before her life had really begun.
Rest in Peace, little Rose. You were well loved in the short time you were here with us.
I miss you.

Joy, Fable and Tara, Kaleigh, Cedar, Ash, Rowan, Lily, Jasmine, Poppy & Orchid

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