Went to Rainbow Bridge 19 April 2012


SADIE   2001 to 19/4/2012 
Shirley says "Today we had to say goodbye to our beautiful, unique and loving Sadie.  We loved her so very much. 

She was amazingly calm, as if she knew we were doing what we had to for her.  She even wanted the vet to stroke her in spite of him making her cry when he was examining her.  She just lay back with us stroking her and talking to her.  No more pain now..................... 

She was always "her own dog" which was difficult to start with but became one of her most endearing traits.  We will always remember the times she flew off along the beach, like an exocet missile, after a seagull, hotly pursued by Christopher. 

Then there was the time she swam out after gulls at Perranuthnoe, again followed by Christopher wearing his McDonalds uniform and his boots, until Graham had to call the coastguard who came, accompanied by the RNLI lifeboat, followed by an ambulance for Christopher who was suffering from hypothermia.  Sadie, of course, came back to shore, wondering what all the fuss was about!  That one made the local paper! 

And then we think of when she swam out to the Long Rock where she was determined to catch the gulls perched there and we hailed some kayakers who collected her from the rock and brought her back to dry land.  She sat on the front of the kayak like a viking figurehead, then jumped off in the shallow water looking most put out. 

We hope we made up for her horrible first few years and gave her the life she deserved.  We will miss her so dreadfully."



Sandra says "I am so very sorry to hear the sad news but she is no longer in pain and is at peace.

She had such a loving family and a fantastic home. A girl could not ask for more than that. She had the best life! And she was her own unique person, even making the news!

This is so very painful and your hearts will be aching, but your last act for her was the most difficult and yet the most loving.

My thoughts are with you all."

Pauline, Steve and Jean said "We all loved Sadie and will remember her with great fondness. You gave her the most wonderful home where she wanted for nothing. Thankyou for giving her seven very special years.

No doubt, Sadie will already be running, free of pain, and chasing the gulls in Heaven."



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