5/5/2004 - 28/10/2015

Alison told us "Our gorgeous Sam died peacefully at the vets on 28.10.15 aged 11 years.

Sam was an amazing personality who overcame massive health problems.  We
had Sam at four months old but it was soon clear that he was not a well puppy. 
He had constant tummy upsets, he was hungry all the time yet he was rapidly
losing weight. He became extremely ill and almost died.  It took a while, but he
was eventually diagnosed with Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, which means his
pancreas wasn’t working properly so he couldn’t digest his food properly.  A regime
of enzymes and prescription food stabilised him and over time we were able to
wean him onto a low protein diet. 

Despite having such a difficult puppyhood he was a very healthy and happy dog up
until about the age of 10 when he began battling with a number of health problems. 
He started having seizures (which the vet thought might be linked to a brain tumour)
and he was also diagnosed with spinal degeneration. There was very little that could
be done so we just made life as enjoyable as possible for him until it was impossible
for him to carry on and we had to make the most difficult of decisions. 

Throughout his life he was amazingly sweet natured and never got annoyed with his
blind goldie brother Stevie knocking him over and banging into him (even at the end
when he was so poorly).  He was also incredibly stubborn and never really
bought into obedience training (although he did enjoy the treats)– but he loved walks,
fun agility and running in the park, although his recall was very hit and miss.  He was a
champion chewer and destroyed plants, clothing, turtle mats and my iphone – to
name but a few items.  He was a gentle, brave soul but also a real character who
was loved by everyone who met him.  We miss him terribly.


This was Tom's Facebook tribute which I thought was lovely:

Goodbye old friend. It was a pleasure to be in your life for the past 11 years. You've
driven me mental, barking your head off 24/7. But you've also made me so happy,
and I'll always remember you as my first dog. Love you Sam, forever and always.

It is so nice to know Sam will be on the IRR website as he was so good with Stevie, who
was always beating him up, running into him and trying to steal his food.  He tolerated
everything with such patience and good nature - even at the end when he was so
poorly. Fortunately, Stevie is coping OK and, of course, we are giving him lots of
extra treats and cuddles.

It is totally heartbreaking. Sam was such a sweet soul". 


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