Went to Rainbow Bridge 25 February 2011


We first set eyes on Sasha at 3 wks old. She was from a litter of 7 chocolate labrador puppies born in Ilfracombe, Devon where we were on a weeks holiday. The breeder was just finishing putting an advertising board outside their house. We stopped to enquire and made an appointment to return later in the day to see them. We were able to see mum and auntie who was due also in a few days. All was beautifully spotless and we had to step through to infect our shoes and wash our hands etc before seeing and handling the puppies. We were taken into the comfortable warm farmhouse kitchen where they were with mum. All the pups were gorgeous but Sasha caught our eye as she had a much squarer head and darker brown eyes than the other girlies so she was chosen.

After many questions from the breeder and ourselves, we came to the agreement that as we had 2 other dogs at home, GSD Abby and Golden Retriever Holly, they would bring Sasha down to us in London to make sure she was going to a proper home so at 8 weeks old she arrived with them and never left - she was ours........................

Sasha was the most gentle happy girlie and settled down well with her 2 sisters. She was always
the happy sweet gentle dog with everyone she came in contact with and all other dogs etc. She had the waggiest tail ever and made noises like a seal as her party piece. She lived happily with her sisters and brother Sonny, a GSD who came to us 2 yrs later so she was in a group of 4.

Sadly over the years her 2 sisters and brother passed away then she was left on her own at 13
so almost a year later, when she was 14, I re-homed Bracken from IRR and Terry brought her down to us. As always Sasha was so sweet, gentle and kind to Bracken which helped her to settle in and made her much more confident. She watched and learnt so much from Sasha and they were really great friends to the end.

Sasha was 15 and a half when she passed to the Bridge. We both miss her so much as she was one of a kind, the gentle kind loving and happy little soul, our lovely Sasha, now our angel, woof .



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