2003 - 2015  

Scooby died peacefully in my arms following a short fight against Cancer.  The most loving,
gentlest dog anyone could ask for, she was friends with everyone and didn't have a
nasty bone in her body. My constant walking companion, she asked for nothing in return
but love, good food, most of my bed, the back seat of the car and nice places to walk.

My life will never be the same now my Scooby has gone.  I'll miss her everyday but will
remember all our walking holidays in the Lake District, Wales and Scotland.  I'll miss the
smell of wet dog in the car after she'd been swimming in the river and the constant
hoovering up of her hairs.

Scooby, it was a privilege to have you in my life for nearly 13 years. You enriched it in so
many ways.  You'll always be a part of my life as I have the happiest  memories of our time
together. I just hope you knew how much I loved you.  I'm really struggling to get over
my feelings of loss and the pain of not seeing you when I walk into the house. My only
consolation is that I gave Scooby the best possible life I could and she was spoilt rotten.

Scooby has now been joined by her two old friends Storm and Megan.  Once again these 3 lovely
dogs will  walk through the woods, stroll by the river or snooze in the sun together. 
Claire, Layla and Christine will never forget their 3 wonderful dogs and life is very empty without them.  

Words can't describe the loss of my beloved Scooby. Although not an IRR rescue dog she
was a true Retriever through and through.

Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. 



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