It is with great regret and heartache I have to announce that dear Silver went to Rainbow Bridge on 31st December 2008.

He had appeared to be OK the previous weekend and indeed on the day of Monday 29th, he had his breakfast and a little walk, he was OK lunch-time and he looked OK when I got back from work that night, so I gave him his honey then went to put out his food, he didn’t come out to get it so I went to help him up (which I often had to do) and he just kept collapsing. It didn’t really look like a stroke and to be honest we never got a diagnosis. He just deteriorated from then to the point where we had to carry him about and by that time he’d also stopped eating.

We managed to get him to the vet but you could tell by her body language that it was all a bit hopeless, she said maybe she could pull him round but we’d be back there in a couple of days, and we looked at him lying there and decided it was time to say goodbye, the light in his eyes had gone out.

There were many times during the almost three and a half years he was with us where he looked really ill but I’d always managed to pull him back to me. There were a lot of miracles for my Silver. We had a very strong bond, but this time he wasn’t in the least interested in me. It was all over very quickly (not quite 3 days).

He was a dear soul and I do miss him and wondered whether I’d done the right thing in having him euthanized but he came to me in my dreams that night, big and strong and right in my face like he had a tendency to do, so I took that as a sign that it was OK.

He was a lovely lad, good with people, children, other dogs (even aggressive dogs left him alone, I’d be on tenterhooks but he’d just wobble over to say hello and get away with it), he was good with cats. A real joy to be with.

Love him, miss him.

Pam & Roger Morris with Kimba and Bubbs (the cat)

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