Went to Rainbow Bridge 16 October 2013


2003 to 16/10/2013 

Our beautiful and unique Teddy was the most laid-back dog we have ever known.  After a very poor start in life, he had no reason to trust anybody but he trusted implicitly and took everything in his stride. His fan club quickly spread and he won hearts wherever he went.  He was the groomer's favourite client, the chiropractor's and the vet's most loveable patient.  Being with Teddy was a joy!  He loved his life: playing, chasing, swimming and sleeping and took immediately to agility and retrieving.  If there was no-one available to play with him, he would happily play on his own, throwing his toys for himself and rolling on them!  He had a host of nicknames and responded to them all (when he felt like it), but his favourite word was tripe.  That resulted in an immediate response.

After being diagnosed with insulinoma in 2011, Teddy had to be fed five times a day, with a snack every hour, a lifestyle he took to with relish.  He would readily take his pills, one by one, and only ever turned his nose up at a particularly large one which would be spat out. 

Our world revolved around Teddy's needs and he repaid us with his love.  He had a real sense of humour and the most beautiful, big brown eyes which were so expressive and would follow you without Teddy moving his head.  We miss him so dreadfully and much of the light has gone from our lives.

Sleep peacefully, darling Dogger.  There will never be another one like you."

Love Shirley, Graham & Christopher  xxx


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