2001? - 25.4.2015

Liz rescued Tessie from Birmingham Dogs Home when she was about 1yr old.
She was a Border Collie cross.

Tess was terrified of everyone except the girl who took her for walks.They had put
her in a pen with a big male Lab cross who she seemed to feel safe with.

Liz says "On her first night with me, she would not move from the kitchen and, in the
morning, she was quivering and cowering behind the door, even though she had
done nothing wrong.

She particularly didn't like men. She was terrified of people with sticks and afraid
of open fires and fireworks throughout her whole life. She would also flinch at
sudden movements. Initially if anyone approached her, she would run off in the
opposite direction. I spent a lot of time running after her, lying on the ground with
biscuits trying to coax her back .

 She did love a cup of tea and a nice armchair and she particularly loved to run. She even 
trained for the London Marathon with me (a long time ago) running twice as far as me on
each training run and then crashing out on my bed :-)

 Tornado Tess the kids called her. Very loyal, loved to lie in the passenger footwell of the car,
licking my hand every time i changed gear :-)

She frequently got a round of applause from passers by for rounding up my Retrievers
like sheep when I called them.

My pretty girl and the cleverest dog I've ever owned, I'm sure she's running and laughing
and drinking gallons of tea now".  

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