10.5.2003 to 21.5.2016

When we had Tarran we had a cat, a guinea pig and our beautiful Samoyed Tilly.

Sadly, our cat had to be put to sleep in April, as he had renal failure and our guinea pig
died a few days later.

Tilly had been having vet checks every 3 months at home as she hated going to
the surgery. The last one was in April and the vet said Tilly's heart was fine and she
seemed very well. We never expected to lose her so soon, although we knew she
had been living on borrowed time since she collapsed a year ago.

She had been treated for renal failure for over a year and, suddenly, became
unwell on May 19th.  She was a little better the next day but was obviously
worse the following day. She was rushed to the vets and was put on a drip. She
was given an injection to support her kidneys and blood was taken for testing. She
was unable to stand and seemed very tired. The vet said she would test the blood
and ring with the results but, when she rang, it was to say that Tilly had passed away.

To say we were devastated is an understatement. Blood test showed her kidneys had
failed and her liver was damaged. Tilly was 13 years and 11 days old.

Tarran seems to be coping okay. He has 2 hour long walks a day and, sometimes,
he gets a third, shorter, one.

The photo was taken 9 days before Tilly died. At least she didn't suffer. In fact she
was still going for 2 short walks a day until the day before she passed away.

Tilly will be very much missed by Margaret, Tom and Tarran xxx


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