The aim of the Loving Memory Wall is to record forever the name of your loved one (animal or human) and share with friends and family your thoughts and feelings.

There are six different background designs to choose from (see below). If you would like to add your own Loving Memory to this IRR Wall, please email Belinda at irr.belinda@yahoo.co.uk, telling her which background design you would like, the name and dates of your loved one, the inscription you would like (up to 100 characters including spaces and punctuation) and attaching the picture you would like.

We do not make a charge for this, but if you would like to make a small donation it will go towards helping rescue more dogs.

Heart Design
Dove Design
Steel Design
Paw Print Design
Scroll Design
Rainbow Design


Memories are precious, they keep our loved ones near
They help to soothe the awful loss of those we hold so dear
Memories are special they help us through the pain
They soothe and lift our spirits till we feel whole again
Some are happy, some are sad, some are very funny
The raided pot, the guilty look, paws all stuck up with honey.
Antics with a hosepipe, the long and loud stinkbomb
Looks of horror at his bum say “where did that come from”

Embarrassing his much loved Mum in oh so many ways
Doing heelwork, exit ring, steal icecream, happy days.
Dumbell presented to the judge – who needs a daft rosette?
A circuit after teasing crow, still time to search square yet
Muddy paws on yellow dress, the lady took it well
Lots of licks and kisses when to the ground she fell
One day a slip from well placed bone lying on the floor 
A rugby tackle from behind, remembering more and more

Getting up the minute Mum is carefully stepping over
Squeezing through a tiny hole to be an Irish rover
Eating tights, socks, hats and gloves, scarves and even soap
No ill effects, the vet’s amazed, however did we cope?
Throwing up the sausages, they came back in a string
Taking turns to go and fetch the cherished rubber ring
Shoes removed and carefully thrown to cross the rushing stream
Shoes retrieved and dropped at feet despite the “no” we scream

Walks on beaches, chasing waves, the runs around the park
The joy in hearing puppy’s squeak and “gruff” of old dog’s bark
The ambles to that special place with time to sit and think
Recalling all those memories which forever form the link
The glimpses caught in shadows, the light just plays a trick
Those really hard decisions the “thankyou” in their lick
Music playing, poignant poems both remind us of those past
Everyone so special from the first to very last.

Memories are forever, they lift us when we fall
How good to share our loving thoughts in the writings on a wall
We choose a special picture and a symbol of our love.
Rainbow, pink heart, pawprint, scroll, gentle steel or dove
And then the words – so many things that we would like to say?
A life so filled with memories no-one can take away
“We love you so” “we miss you” “always in our hearts”
Memories will bind the book as a new chapter starts

Poem by Jeff Shepherd

2014 Irish Retriever Rescue