An extensive list of allergies means 4yr old Joseph has to have meals prepared for him.
He is allergic to wheat, millet, barley, corn, oats, potato, rice and soybean.
In addition, his allergy to storage mites means that any grain, outside of the above,
needs to be washed thoroughly before preparation.

IRR funded Joseph’s investigations, antibiotic and steroid treatment. It took weeks
of strict diet and environmental precautions for Joseph’s health to recover.
Prior to being fostered Joseph had been chronically exposed to allergens, and his skin
was very itchy; it had gone black in places and he had skin sores, chronic ear infections and poor digestion, making his stools soft and sticky.

Joseph’s allergies don’t stop with what he eats. He is also allergic to 3 types of grass;
house mites and dust mites. So for Joseph, exposure to dust; walking and rolling
on carpet and grass, inhaling grass pollen and dust particles in the air all make
Joseph very unwell.

Keeping his environment clean and ensuring he is kept away from the allergens we
know about are things we can do to protect Joseph’s health.
Joseph’s ear infections took longer – five months – to clear. The severity of
the chronic infections caused lasting damage to Joseph’s hearing, but that doesn’t
hold him back in any way.

This Spring was a huge challenge for Joseph, as tree pollen and grass pollen levels
rose. Fortunately IRR was there to support Joseph by funding vital treatment
with Atopica. Without this specialist medication, the progress Joseph had made
would have slipped back and seriously reduced his quality of life.

Joseph now enjoys his life to the full.

As Joseph gets older the vet expects he will go on to develop more allergies, so we
will always have to monitor him and adjust his environment, his diet and his medication.
All dogs deserve to live a life free of pain and discomfort, and Joseph will need
Atopica and occasional steroids and antibiotics for the rest of his life.
This is why IRRs support through Hugo’s Wishes is such a vital lifeline for dogs like
Joseph with on-going medical conditions.


2016 Irish Retriever Rescue