Lottie had a horrible start to life, unloved and bred from when she herself
was only a puppy.
She came to me at the end of January 2016 and it soon became apparent apart
from the anxiety and obvious neglect, there was a much more worrying problem.
Her legs were very wobbly and she was completely uncoordinated.
After sending videos of her to the trustees it was agreed she needed to see a vet urgently.
My own vet saw her and it was decided she needed to go to Liverpool Veterinary
University to see the specialist. After X-rays and an MRI we discovered she had
a condition called spondylomyelopathy (OACSM), this is also know as
wobblers syndrome. Her condition was so severe she would eventually become
paralysed unless she had surgery.

After an appeal by IRR enough money was raised for Lottie to have her vital surgery,
and after several months Lottie is now leading a normal happy pain free life.
She is still undergoing hydrotherapy which IRR is paying for. But to see her tearing
around without a care in the world is just remarkable and none of this would have
been possible without the wonderful support and backing of IRR.

2016 Irish Retriever Rescue