Louis is originally from Romania. He was used for breeding and spent his first
7 years in utter misery, unloved, abused and probably only let out of his pen when
he was needed to mate a female. Once he was surplus to requirements he was
dumped in a high kill shelter along with others. Here it really was dog eat dog, food was
thrown in to the yard and several dogs fought over it. Louis was picked on quite
badly and still bears the scars on his face and leg. However he was lucky, he was rescued
and IRR took him on, and his new life could begin.

Unfortunately Louis tested positive for heart-worm, in fact his case was so severe he
nearly died. Once he had been treated and tested clear, he came to the uk.
He arrived in foster in August 2014, a nervous frightened boy. His fosterer worked
wonders with him to help him overcome his anxieties.

However Louis really wasn't well, he had to undergo several blood tests, it turned
out he had an enlarged spleen due to the heartworm treatment. His teeth were
in a dreadful state, most of them had to be removed. All of this was paid for by IRR.

I first met Louis in December 2014, I can honestly say it was love at first sight, he
came home to me the following week, just before the New year.

Today Louis is a happy healthy laid back dog. He is one of the most laid back
dogs I've known. Very little fazes him, an incredible transformation. He is my
shadow and I can't imagine life without him xx

2016 Irish Retriever Rescue