From the first photos we saw of him, Star looked like the unhappiest, saddest boy
ever - which wasn’t really so much of a surprise, considering the appalling
pasts some of our foster dogs had endured.  But, when we collected Star,
we were amazed to find a very gentle, seemingly content and laid back boy who
came with a string of commendations for his awesome behaviour.

Star had been treated for heart worm and was painfully thin, he had a skin
condition, hematomas in both ears and was stating with cataracts.  He settled well
with us and gradually gained weight but he had no stamina and could only walk for
a few minutes at a time.  It was both a pleasure and privilege to care for Star and,
although he settled quickly with us, we did not see the improvement in his
health that we expected.

We took Star to our wonderful vet, who gave him a thorough check-up,
and came away with medication for his skin condition and ears.  Many visits to
the vets followed as Star continued to be unwell and, at one point, was so ill
that he was hospitalised; we were warned he may not survive.  But there
was the happiest of outcomes, Star did survive and, after all we’d been through,
he wasn’t going anywhere – we adopted him!  Of course there is an adoption
donation, but that nowhere near covers the cost of rescuing a dog.  We support
IRR’s fundraising activities and have contributed to his rehabilitation by funding a
course of hydrotherapy ourselves.  We know that Star’s vet bills have been enormous
and it was such a huge relief that all the treatment was paid by IRR and that, any
pre-existing conditions that need attention in the future, will also be covered.

2016 Irish Retriever Rescue