A lovely golden Retriever lady had a secret liaison with a farm collie. Nobody had realised
she was pregnant and the first her owner knew was when on 11th July 2014, she gave
birth to her babies in a field. IRR were alerted and when her babies were weaned they
took them into their care and promised to find all the babies really good Forever Homes.

Sure enough, the 3 girls and 5 boys were all found brilliant homes in the UK. Unfortunately,
because of the need for Pet Passports, the poor little mites had to spend a long
time together in kennels until they were old enough and strong enough to be able to
have their rabies vaccinations. On the plus side, because of this, they are all brilliant with
other dogs and, having been handled and very well socialised with people all through
their lives, they have all turned into adorable, very well rounded, friendly dogs who
are all totally adored by their owners.

Finbar C
Finbar B

2015 Irish Retriever Rescue