The Overall Winner of the 2015 Irish Retriever Rescue Photo Competition,
as chosen by our independent judges, is
Liz Nicholson with her winning photo in Category 2.

Click on the Category Headings to view all the entries.


Overall Winner

Liz Nicholson

 Class 1a – Cutest Boy Pup (age: 0-11 months)
Sponsored by Pauline Jefferey in memory of my wonderful Barney


Christine Pritchard

No 17

2nd Judith Denham No 11  
3rd Judith Denham

No 12


Class 1b – Cutest Girl Pup (age: 0-11 months)
Sponsored by Belinda and Terry in memory of Poppy and PJ


Judith Denham

No 3

2nd Kelly Barton-White No 15  
3rd Julie Granger

No 7


Class 2 – My Handsome Boy (1 - 8 years)
Sponsored by Belinda and Terry for their handsome boy Vinnie


Liz Nicholson

No 21

2nd Ava Prentice No 30  
3rd Catherine Haynes No 25  

Class 3 - My Stunning Girl (1 - 8 years)
Sponsored by Di James in memory of Honey and Kim


Christine Kenyon

No 25

2nd Barbara Henshaw No 1  
3rd Beverley Green No 10  

Class 4a - Maturing Nicely boy (over 9)
Sponsored by Gwen Flynn in memory of Casey and Twinkle


Joanne Kania

No 10

2nd Barb Noble No 8  
3rd Paula Harvey No 2  

Class 4b - Maturing Nicely girl (over 9)
Sponsored by Belinda and Terry for their Golden Girls


Lorraine Johnston

No 2

2nd Barbara Henshaw No 1  
3rd Barb Noble No 6  

Class 5 - Angels (waiting at Rainbow Bridge)
Sponsored by Wendy Waygood in memory of Kerry and Honey


Leonie Peacock

No 4

2nd Nicola Binns No 22  
3rd Barb Noble No 18  

Class 6 - Winter Cheer
Sponsoed by Maisie Moo and her Mum and Dad


Kerrie Prentice

No 16

2nd Joanne Kania No 14  
3rd Alison Wilson No 12  

Class 7 - Summer Fun
Sponsored in memory of Ron Smith with much love from Rose and Leo xx


Ava Prentice

No 27

2nd Emma Nicholls No 20  
3rd Paula Hughes No 30  

Class 8a - Best pals - animals and humans
Sponsored by Pauline and Steve Jefferey thinking of a lifetime of happy memories


Kellie Barton-White

No 38

2nd Wendy Waygood No 1  
3rd Gizmo Jefferey No 5  

Class 8b - Best pals - animals
Sponsored by Gwen Flynn in memory of Smut, Soly, Buster and Cracker


Kerrie Prentice

No 32

2nd Judith Denham No 10  
3rd Sue Cluely No 36  

Class 9 - What a face!!
Sponsored by Alison Wilson for Hoovie, Charlie, Keeva, Finn, Murph and Izzy


Marisa Piedade

No 13

2nd Beverley Green 14  
3rd (jnt) Amy Hodgson 2  
3rd (jnt) Christine Pritchard 26  

Class 10 - Dogs in action
Sponsored by Travis as a Thank You from all the IRR dogs in their Forever Homes


Jane White

No 27

2nd Kellie Barton-White No 28  
3rd Barb Noble No 18  

Class 11 - I love this photo
Sponsored by Julie Granger in memory of gorgeous Ricky 3 legs


Leonie Peacock

No 3

2nd Paula Hughes No 27  
3rd Ava Prentice No 23  



2015 Irish Retriever Rescue