We have a few dogs who require on-going medical treatment and they all need extra special care
and attention. These are our forever foster dogs. We also have dogs who have had
severe problems, because of their previous treatment, who have been adopted by IRR team members
but who are delighted to be sponsor dogs in order to raise money to enable us to help others
like them in the future.

For a donation of £10 a year, you can sponsor one of these dogs, and in return,
you will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship with a photo of your chosen dog as well as
quarterly updates about their progress.

Your sponsor dog will also remember your birthday and greet you at Christmas
and you will also get your name on our Sponsor Page.

You can also sponsor a dog as a present for someone else.

You can choose from these very special dogs.
(click on the dogs to find out more about them,
to see their current sponsors and to sponsor them).

Renewing a Sponsorship
If you would like to continue your sponsorship of your chosen dog(s),
please click on the dog(s) to fill in the form and select "Renewal" as the sponsorship type.


Sponsor Dogs Who Have Sadly Gone to Rainbow Bridge


Sponsor Dogs No Longer Accepting New Sponsors

Lola Gizmo Neeson



Hilary Cassidy and Eric Wilson were married on 3 September 2008.

They decided to foresake the usual wedding favours for something a little bit different to celebrate their wedding as they have been lifelong lovers and owners of golden retrievers. They had recently lost their own beautiful Golden Retriever, Honey, aged 15yrs, and all of this was dedicated to her memory, as a fitting tribute to their very special friend.

We were delighted that they very generously chose to sponsor our IRR dogs for one year and in accordance with their wishes, we added their names to all our existing sponsor dogs at the time. We also included Zach and Bertie (who had officially retired but we happy to be reinstated for this very special sponsorship) making a total of 15 dogs.


Zach and Bertie

We awarded honorary sponsorship to 5 other goldens for this occasion, namely Danny, Honey, Bunny, Connie and Penny to make the number of dogs up to 20, one for each table.

Connie and Penny went on to become full time Sponsor Dogs (Penny has since retired) and, sadly, Honey has now passed over to Rainbow Bridge as have Zena, Jimmy, Pudsey, Nugget, Bouncer and Danny.


The 20 wedding tables accommodated 8 guests on each. Every table had a picture of a Sponsor Dog, in the form of a wedding congratulations card which was signed by the guests and every guest was given a small gift from our range of merchandise such as a key ring, fridge magnet, notebook or book mark. Hilary and Eric also had the usual sponsorship certificates for each dog and were absolutely delighted with everything. IRR were really grateful to Belinda and Terry, our marvellous merchandise wizards, for all their hard work and to the willing owners of our Sponsor Dogs who help them to write their letters and send their cards to their sponsors.

Because of Hilary and Eric's generosity, we were able to pay for the transportation, neutering and microchipping of a rescue dog from Ireland so another life was saved thanks to them.

Sponsorship started on 20 August which was also Hilary's birthday so all the dogs' paws were busy putting pen to paper to send their birthday wishes and to introduce themselves. They also sent quarterly updates and cards for Eric's birthday and for Christmas and, of course, in this case, to congratulate the very special, happy couple on their Wedding Day.

We all sent Hilary and Eric our very best wishes and heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of their wedding and could not thank them enough for their very kind and generous support of Irish Retriever Rescue.

We were delighted that they, very generously, chose to sponsor our IRR dogs for one year and in accordance with their wishes, we added their names to all our existing sponsor dogs at the time.


A £10 sponsorship will pay for us to microchip a dog or purchase a bottle of flower essences to help our dogs overcome their past traumas gently and naturally.

Three people sponsoring gives us £30 to pay for a bioflow collar for an elderly dog.

Six people sponsoring gives us £60 to pay for arthritis medication for our forever fosters.

Nine people sponsoring gives us £90 to pay for the transport of another dog over from Ireland.

Ten people sponsoring gives us £100 for a male dog to be castrated.

Sixteen people sponsoring gives us £160 to pay for spaying a bitch.

Vet bills can be crippling but we always do our best for every dog. Occasionally, dogs sometimes need major surgery whilst others just need a short course of medication, but every £10 of sponsor money helps to lessen our load. Every penny counts, so bless you all for your generosity and for sponsoring our dogs.

Another way to help, and at the same time have a lovely gift for yourself or a friend, is by buying merchandise which has all been lovingly created for us by two of our adopters, who also happen to be extremely creative and talented. Many, many thanks to Belinda and Terry.

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