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Delphi was surrendered to IRR by her family at just 10 months old. She is a very sweet, timid girl who is curious about everything and loves to play gently with other dogs. Delphi has impeccable manners and is not food possessive - a proper lady in the making. Since moving to her forever home in Devon, Delphi found a soul mate in her new Golden Retriever brother Digby who also hapened to be an experienced sponsor dog himself, but he has now, sadly, passed over Rainbow Bridge.

Delphi is also living with a huge crowd of other rescued furry and feathered friends. These include cats, ponies, sheep, rabbits and chickens and, more recently, another lovely Golden Retriever brother, Rocky, who is taking over from Digby as a sponsor dog.

Delphi is happy to be a sponsor dog, raising funds to help rescue golden retrievers who, like her, have been surrendered and others who are abused, abandoned or simply unwanted.

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