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Rocky is a handsome, gentle, laid back, male 10-year-old Golden Retriever who was surrendered to IRR through no fault of his own.  All he needed was a quiet comfortable retirement home where he would be spoilt and loved as he deserved to be. 
Fortunately, he found that wonderful forever home in Devon with Digby, Delphi and a menagerie of other rescued furry and feathered friends which include cats, ponies, sheep, rabbits and chickens.

Rocky is happy to be a sponsor dog, raising funds to help rescue Golden Retrievers who, like him, have been surrendered because they are old and not as active and exciting as they once used to be as well as others who are abused, abandoned or simply unwanted.

You can apply to sponsor one of our dogs by completing the form below. If you are sponsoring on behalf of someone else, please make sure you fill in their details and their Birthday so we can send out birthday cards. Once completed click 'Send Application'.

Renewing a Sponsorship

If you would like to continue your sponsorship of your chosen dog(s),
please fill in the form below and select "Renewal" as the sponsorship type..

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