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Woody was rescued from a Pound in Ireland and has turned out to be one of the friendliest boys we have ever met. He loves children, playing in the garden, his daily walks and a cuddle on the sofa. He greets everyone he meets with a great big smile and has become known locally as Smiley Woody. On his first night in his forever home he followed his new mum and dad upstairs when they took the children up to bed and this has now become a ritual – just as though he is making sure everyone is tucked up safely before he climbs into his own bed downstairs. After a slightly difficult start with the cats, Woody has stopped chasing them – this is probably helped greatly by the older cat not standing any nonsense from him.

Woody is pleased to offer himself as a Sponsor Dog so he can
help to raise funds to rescue other abandoned, neglected, abused or simply unwanted Golden Retrievers like him.

You can apply to sponsor him by completing the form below. If you are sponsoring on behalf of someone else, please make sure you fill in their details and their Birthday so we can send out birthday cards. Once completed click 'Send Application'.

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