Irish Retriever Rescue urgently needs Transporters to help deliver
rescue dogs to their foster homes. Can you help?

We are always looking for help to transport our dogs.
Many of the dogs are very traumatised, so they need handling very gently and sympathetically
in order to get them to their foster homes with the least possible stress to them.

Cars or vans should be very secure, preferably with dog guards or crates.
As the dogs often come without a collar or lead, and for extra security, we use soft slip leads
to move the dogs between vehicles and into their new homes.

The dogs will have had a long journey and are often hungry and thirsty, but it is better to leave
feeding them until they arrive at their new home. However, tidbits are usually gratefully received and
can help to entice them into your vehicle. It is better to give small amounts of water rather than a huge
amount all at once.

Dogs will probably also need a little walk and toiletting before carrying on with their journey.

It is often necessary for UK transporters to meet the Irish transport during unsocial hours,
sometimes in the middle of the night.

Help is needed in most areas of the UK and
would help to spread the load for our current transporters.

If you think you could help us, please download and complete the Transporter Form and email it to us at and we will contact you. If you have any problems downloading the form,
please email us at
Thank you.

2014 Irish Retriever Rescue